Chorus, a new terminal

As programming tools have evolved dramatically over the last decades there's one set of tools that has stayed almost completely unchanged: the text-only terminal and the shell languages. The goal of the chorus project is to create a modern terminal and shell. It's inspired by my own experience as well as talks like inventing on principle and a whole new world.

Tell me more!

It's an ambitious project and I'm not quite ready to show it off yet. Not because it's secret – all the code is public on github – but it'll just be easier to demonstrate than explain. Also, I'm deliberately taking my time to get the design right. There's a high-level overview of some of the ideas that go into this on the overview page.

If you're curious about chorus you should totally sign up to get project updates. That way you'll be the first to know when I've got news to share.

What do you want from a new terminal?

People use terminals and shells in so may different ways that no single person – at least not me – can understand them in isolation. That's why I'm really interested in input from other people. If you have a particular use that you think a new terminal/shell should definitely support or you have some other idea for how they could become better you should tell me. I've set up a mailing list for this very purpose,

You can post to the group without being a member, just send an email to the address.  

Who are you?

I'm Christian. I used to be a programming languages and virtual machine guy but for the last few years before I left google I worked on completely different stuff. Since late 2013 I've been working on chorus full time within tundra, my own self-funded startup.

Did I mention that I'm funding this myself? If you'd like to help out contributions are greatly appreciated.