About me

Hi, I'm Christian. I'm a software engineer. I live in Århus, Denmark.


I'm currently working full time for my own self-funded startup, tundra. There I'm building A to B, a mobile app for public transport scheduling in Denmark. It's in the app store now so you should totally go install it! Also I sometimes work as a consultant around the Århus area.

Before A to B I worked on something called chorus which was an attempt to create better command-line/terminal tools. I still feel strongly about that kind of thing but don't work on it actively any more.


I'm social on tumblr mainly though I also sometimes use facebook. My personal email is the same as the address of this page except that the first dot is replaced with a @.


Before tundra I worked a few different places, most recently google. You can see my CV on linkedin.

My main interest used to be programming tools, primarily programming languages. I've worked professionally on a number of languages including SmallTalk, Esmertec's ill-fated Neptune language (led the design), Java (part of the group that designed and implemented wildcards), and most recently JavaScript (implementing it as part of the V8 team, participating in language design discussions, working on cross-browser conformance testing).

More recently though I've moved away from programming tools as my job and towards working on things that are more directly useful and that I can actually explain to people (and myself). It's a nice change.

I have a ton of personal projects which live on github.

I like to write about technical stuff and have a technical blog called Hummus and Magnets for obscure reasons. I've written about mathematics, programming, Babbage, software development, javascript, language design, java, c++, v8, etc. etc.